Not Suicide, Not Murder - Death under Duress

Sunday, 15 May 2016

An Unexpected Journey

"in the end truth will out"

William Shakespeare
The Merchant of Venice (1600)

David Christopher Kelly

Lord Hutton - he will rue the day
Lord Hutton - he will rue the day

This is an account of the death of Dr David Kelly CMG DPhil - the UK/UN Biological Weapons Inspector. He was a world-renowned scientist who had been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. This arose from his work in uncovering Russia's and, later, Iraq's biological weapons programme.

David Kelly was intimately linked to the matter of the 'sexed up dossier' - the dossier of Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction, their 45-minute readiness and the decision to commit the UK to the Iraqi War of 2003.

Lord Charles Falconer
Lord Charles Falconer
A search dog found his body on the morning of Friday 18th July 2003. It was in a copse on Harrowdown Hill, Longworth, Oxfordshire, two miles from his home, his wife and children.

Many accounts have been put forward to explain his death. Two lines of explanation have generally been proposed - murder and suicide. I believe all of these are fictional - and that includes the report of Lord Brian Hutton.

I believe that the name of Lord James Brian Edward Hutton will live on long in history for his conduct of the Inquiry.

I think that he will rue the day that he was 'persuaded' By Lord Charles Falconer to accept this task.

The timeline of 'political' events is astonishing:

  • 08:45
    Search dog finds body of elderly man in Oxfordshire copse
  • 09:15
    Lord Charles Falconer told of find of unidentified body
  • 09:30
    Lord Falconer phones Tony Blair, who is asleep on flight from Washington DC to Tokyo
  • 12:00
    Lord Falconer appoints Lord Brian Hutton to undertake an Inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly - although his body still not formally identified
  • 12:30
    Lord Falconer phones Tony Blair a further twice in flight to Tokyo
When Tony Blair arrived in Tokyo, there was a pre-arranged press conference. Having had three phone conversations with Lord Charles Falconer he must have been aware of some of the facts. One journalist - Jonathan Oliver - had been given clearance by his editor to handle the conference, as he wanted. He decided to ask Tony Blair

"Have you got blood on your hands Prime Minster? Are you going to resign?"

The Hutton Inquiry was set up three hours after a dog found a body that had not yet been formally identified. It opened ten working days after David Kelly's body was found.

This was an extraordinary pace of events - about an unidentified body of a grey haired man in some distant woodland. Or did Lord Falconer know more than was publicly declared?

My Account

I will present my account of David Kelly's death - a conclusion reached after some three years research. I started with no presumption of any cause of death. With a clean, blank sheet.

My efforts to determine the likely course of events and the cause of death simply followed the available information.

Out of the Blue

I had had no particular interest in the matter of Dr David Kelly's death.

However, out of the blue, I was told something about his death, in February 2012. This came from a totally reliable source and I regard it as a fact.

A Jigsaw

I had started a ball rolling on an unexpected journey. This small ball began to roll until it got much, very much, bigger.

A feature of this matter was that there were many 'bits' of information around.

At first sight some of these seemed almost random noise - just junk, just gossip or hearsay. But, as a picture developed, many of these 'bits' began to come together, as in a jigsaw.

In building this jigsaw I was helped by many. I will name some of these but others will recognise their help. I much appreciate their help.

A Legal Edifice

Lord Hutton and his colleagues built an Edifice - the Hutton Inquiry and its Report. Its database of information has been embargoed for 70 years. This fact didn't emerge until January 2010.

In contrast, a Coroner's Inquest is a public matter - so the cause of death can be seen to be questioned honestly and explained. Coroners have looked at all unusual deaths in England since 1200 AD.

Seldom can there have been such a travesty of justice as this Inquiry that purported to examine the cause of David Kelly's death.

The Press called it a 'whitewash'.

In these circumstances, fortunately, leaks appear in and around the Edifice.

The Edifice was built and supported to withstand legal attacks.

But it wasn't built to deal with multiple leaks of fact that will eventually overwhelm its credibility in the public eye.

A Wanted Man

At the time of his death David Kelly was one of the most wanted men in the country - wanted by the media.

He was wanted in respect of massive political issues of the day; of important matters bearing upon the integrity of Government, and the Prime Minister in particular.

In the week before his death he had retreated, with his wife Janice, to the shelter of a house near Mevagissey, Cornwall. A friend of Mrs Kelly - Pamela Dabbs - and her husband John arranged this for them.

A Rubicon

The jigsaw tells of events that tragically went wrong for David Kelly and led to his death. Those present at his death should have come forward and explained.

They didn't. They decided, probably in a state of utter, uncontrolled panic, to conceal the events and mount a cover-up.

In so doing they crossed a Rubicon. A moral, ethical and professional Rubicon that was to have far-reaching effects.

A Cover-Up

The cover-up involved many people - probably about 50 in the first 24 hours. It was a massive logistical exercise in the short dark hours of a July night.

They are mostly police officers and civil servants. Those involved were as high as one could go in the British establishment.

This cover-up has blighted many lives, not least those of the Kelly family which is no more what it once was.

David Kelly's Death

Harrowdown Hill: In July 2003 - a Satanic Stage Set
Harrowdown Hill: In July 2003 - a Satanic Stage Set

David Kelly didn't die on Harrowdown Hill.

He died about 40 miles away.

His body was carried unceremoniously and dumped on Harrowdown Hill by government employees. A government employee put three empty packets of co-proxamol tablets in his pocket; actually, a single tablet was left unopened.

A government employee then cut his wrist and left his body slumped against a tree trunk.

But it wasn't a very convincing stage set.

That night the Devil rode out.

My Objective

My objective is to get the Oxford Coroner to reopen the inquest into the death of David Kelly.

This would result in witnesses being summoned to appear and to testify under oath.

This contrasts with the Hutton Inquiry in which carefully selected 'witnesses' were invited to attend. They were not bound by oath. They could say whatever; there was no risk of committing perjury. They were told simply to answer the questions and not to ask any.

I think that, in the eyes the Hutton Inquiry team, there were four classes of 'witnesses':

  1. Those requested by Lord Hutton - who accepted his invitation
  2. Those requested by Lord Hutton - who declined his invitation
  3. Those requested by Lord Hutton - who declined his invitation but were then pressurised to accept
  4. Those not requested and not wanted by Lord Hutton - but who should have given evidence

There are clearly quite a number in class 2 - witnesses not prepared to lie or not prepared to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” even though they were not bound by an Oath at this Inquiry.

There were also a lot of potentially useful witnesses in class 4.

At the time of David Kelly's death the Oxford Coroner was Mr Nicholas Gardiner. He has now retired and Mr Darren Salter is in post. I gather that Mr Salter's greatest fear is that he will have to reopen David Kelly's inquest.

I apologise in advance to Mr Salter for upsetting his plans for a quiet life.

I realise fully that a 'simple Inquest' into the cause of David Kelly's death would now be a gargantuan affair of global interest.

Your Help

Although I have a fairly complete jigsaw of events there are still many gaps in the account.

I will present this account in stages. I would welcome any input of fact that readers can provide to fill in these gaps.

As I have said, there are many who know a great deal of the truth about David Kelly's death.

Please let me know what facts you can via the secure email address


This account will not be welcomed by some.

This blog is hosted offshore, outside legitimate UK jurisdiction. Illegitimate UK jurisdiction is another, darker matter, as we shall see.

The full account, in its draft form, has already been written.

If I come under any pressure, directly or indirectly, to cease publication this will trigger the immediate publication of the blog in full.

Similarly, if any one connected to me is subject to any form of pressure or harassment, automatic publication will follow.

A trigger will also operate if there are attempts to interfere with this website or its email function. I have alternative sites prepared for publication.

In other words it is now inevitable that the account will, at least in its draft form, be published in full.

Also I have three on-shore lawyers guiding me through any potential difficulties.

The Kelly Family

I have several reasons to believe that David Kelly's widow, Janice, doesn't want an inquest.

I also believe that there was some division in the Kelly family about how his death should have been investigated.

I suspect that the Kelly family may have been given some very toxic account of some aspect of David Kelly's life. So toxic, that Mrs Kelly doesn't want it aired in public, as would happen at a Coroner's Inquest. This toxic account is quite probably fictitious.
David Kelly's neglected grave
David Kelly's neglected grave

David Kelly's grave in Longworth, two miles from his home, is neglected. It is in a windswept part of the graveyard that, by chance, overlooks Harrowdown Hill. Seemingly it is not cared for or attended by anyone.

It as though David Kelly had been posthumously abandoned by his wife and family.

I have no wish to upset the Kelly family.

However, I find myself with significant information about David Kelly's death.

What should I do?

  • I could forget about my three years' research and remain silent. I think too many people have already remained silent about this matter.
  • Is my duty of care to the very damaged Kelly family? So that they can continue to live their lives in peace, but haunted by many unanswered questions about David's death? If this is so then I should remain silent.
  • Or is my duty of care to David Kelly, who has lost most - his life, his family, his honour and reputation?
I have no doubt that my greatest duty of care is to David Kelly above all others.

Thus I feel that I should publish what I know about the end of his life.


I think it worth quoting the thoughts of Dr Michael Powers QC from 2012:

"We should pay tribute to Dr Kelly. He was a brilliant man who did his best in the service of this country. He deserves our gratitude and respect. We owe it to him and ourselves to ensure the true cause of his death is ascertained."

Dr David Kelly

Please let me know of any facts known to you concerning David Kelly's death. Send them to me using the secure email address

NB: All references and acknowledgements will appear at the end of the blog.

All chapters have been peer and legally reviewed